Yami Attribute: Pyrus, Power: 500 Gs, Species: Bakugan/Human hybrid, Family: Leaf (mother), Timaeus (father), Hikari (older twin sister), Apollonir (grandfather), Code Eve (grandmother), Genesis Dragonoid (half-uncle), Original Dharaknoid (half-uncle; also known as: Phantom), Drago (half-cousin), Dharak (half-cousin), Zeus (great-grandfather), Artemis (aunt)

"Why doesn't uncle hades ever visit?" - Yami asking about hades to his great-grandfather, zeus.


Yami is a young 14 year old hybrid bakugan, he's half-vestroian, half-human, and the only son of leaf and timaeus.


Yami is a lot his mother and father; he is kind hearted, has a slightly short temper, gentle, very noble, playful, and very protective of his friends, family, and home.


In bakugan form yami has silver tiped, gold horns, bright ice blue, reptile eyes, his scales are the same color as his mother's and grandfather's scales, a red diamond and the armor growing out of his knees and elbows are the same color as apollonir's.

 Human FormEdit

In human form yami has his mother's eyes but his father's looks, he stands 4' 9", has bright ice blue eyes, spikey tri-colored hair, pyrus red clothes, his diamond on his chest hidden by his shirt, fangs, claw-like nails, a tail, and he walks barefooted.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Maximum Nova (Maximum Pyrus)
  • Neo Valute
  • Dispel Roa
  • Dragon Proudia
  • Infinity Waiver
  • Maximum Revolution (Six Attributes)
  • Infinity Demon (Infinity Core)
  • Flame Strider (Haos)
  • Dive Fleet (Aquos)
  • Fire Grandam (Subterra)
  • Aero Dragon (Ventus)
  • Burning Dragonia (Pyrus)
  • Lunatic Burst (Darkus)
  • Dextra Attack (Six Attributes)
  • Strike Dragon
  • Dragon Contender
  • Maximum Dragon
  • Burning Infinity
  • Maximum Maxus Dragon

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Dragon Clash (Dragon Crash)


Leaf: His mother

Timaeus: His father

Hikari: His older twin sister



Drake: Exedra's son (darkus)

Serena: Exedra's daughter, drake's younger twin sister (darkus)

Aqua: Frosch's son (aquos)

Storm (aka: Windy) Oberus's daughter (ventus)

Star: Lars Lion's daughter (haos)

Kyle: Clayf's son (subterra)

Yugi and his friends

Yusei and his friends

Jaden and his friends

Yuma and his friends

All the bakugan on new vestroia

All the duel monsters in the dominion of the beasts

All of the brawlers


  • Because he's the grandson of Code Eve he may have the ultimate warrior gene but this is not proven.