Apollonir's daughter leaf

Leaf, Attribute: Pyrus, Power: 500 G, Family: Apollonir (father), Code Eve (mother), Genesis Dragonoid (half-brother), Original Dharaknoid (half-brother also known as phantom), Drago (half-nephew), Dharak (half-nephew), Zeus (grandfather), Artemis (aunt)

"New vestroia, no matter what we will always protect it." - Leaf to kyle, drake, aqua, star, serena and windy.


Leaf is a young vestroian bakugan and the only daughter of apollonir and code eve and the little sister of the original bakugan.


Leaf like her father is very noble and dislikes evil, when the vestals had invaded new vestroia she was furious but was happy when dan and the rest of the resistance had saved her home. She is very kind hearted, gentle, fun-loving, friendly, always able to find a reson to smile and loved by all the bakugan on new vestroia.


Leaf is almost a splitting image of her father but unlike apollonir's more gold-yellowish horns leaf's are silver and insted of a red diamond she has a perfect core diamond on her chest.

Human formEdit

In human form leaf's fairly petite, standing 5' 0", has pyrus red clothes with gold designs like apollonir's robes, long silver hair, the pyrus symbol on her neck hidden by her hair, her bright ice blue reptile-like eyes look more like human eyes, pale skin, a smaller version of her tail, claw-like nails, fangs, the perfect core diamond on her chest hidden by her clothes, she also walks barefooted.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Maximum Nova (Maximum Pyrus)
  • Neo Valute
  • Saiam Low
  • Dispel Roa
  • Dragon Proudia
  • Infinity Waiver (Six Attributes)
  • Maximum Revolution
  • Infinity demon (Infinity Core)
  • Flame Strider (Haos)
  • Dive Fleet (Aquos)
  • Fire Grandam (Subterra)
  • Aero Dragon (Ventus)
  • Burning Dragonia (Pyrus)
  • Lunatic Burst (Darkus)
  • Dextra Attack (Six Attributes)
  • Strike Dragon: Nullifies the opponent's ability and transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to leaf. (Perfect Core)
  • Dragon Contender: Returns the opponent's G-Power to its base level and adds 600 Gs to leaf. (Perfect Core)
  • Maximum Dragon: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to leaf. (Perfect Core)
  • Burning Infinity: Subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent and adds 600 Gs to leaf. (Perfect Core)
  • Maximum Maxus Dragon: Transfers 500 Gs from the opponent to leaf. (Perfect Core)
  • Pyrus Star Blaster
  • Pyrus solar flare beam
  • Crimson Nova

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Dragon Clash (Dragon Crash): Transfers 400 Gs from the opponent to leaf. (Perfect Core)


Drake: Exedra's son (darkus)

Serena: Exedra's daughter; drake's younger twin sister (darkus)

Kyle: Clayf's son (subterra)

Aqua: Frosch's son (aquos)

Star: Lars lion's daughter (haos)

Storm (aka: Windy): Oberus's daughter (ventus)


  • Due to being Code Eve's daughter she may have the Ultimate Warrior Gene but this is not proven.