"I am drake, son of exedra, and this is my home, intruder!" - Drake to Ace when they first met. 
Exedra's son drake

Drake, Attribute: Darkus, power: 500 G, Famliy: Exedra (father), Unnamed Mother, Serena (sister), Nadine (adopted sister), Mikey (adopted brother), Madison (adopted brother)


Drake is a young vestroian bakugan and the only son of exedra.


Drake is much like his father, but unlike his father drake is only serious when needed and is usally a goof ball and a very friendly guy and is very protective of his friends and family he, like his friends is loved by all the bakugan on new vestroia.


Drake looks almost exactly like exedra but the spikes along his back are a different color than his.

Human formEdit

In human form drake stands 5' 9", has darkus colored clothes a diamond on his chest hidden by his shirt, the darkus symbol on the left side of his chest, short darkus black hair, pale skin, golden eyes, red claw-like nails, a smaller version of his tail, fangs, and walks barefooted.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Demon Wizard: Transfers all the G-power of an ally bakugan to drake and nullifies the opponent's gate card.
  • Final Wizard: Transfers all the G-power of an ally bakugan to drake, nullifies the opponent's gate card and adds 100 Gs to drake.
  • Nebulous Hammer: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent.
  • Graviton Wizard: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent.


Serena: His younger twin sister (darkus)

Leaf: Apollonir's daughter (pyrus)

Kyle: Clayf's son (subterra)

Star: Lars lion's daughter (haos)

Storm (aka: Windy): Oberus's daughter (ventus)

Aqua: Frosch's son (aquos)